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Marj & Lizzie

Bontina Pink Tux Shirt

Bontina Pink Tux Shirt

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Bontina is a timeless classic reimagined with a touch of the KMJ signature flair. Crafted from carefully selected vintage shirts, each Bontina blouse tells a unique story. With ¾ puff sleeves adorned with a distinctive 3 pleat puff at the shoulder, and featuring the iconic stand-up collar and signature ruffle detail, she exudes sophistication with a playful twist.

More to love:

  • Wear it buttoned down for a relaxed vibe, neatly tucked in, tied at the bottom, or showcase the iconic KMJ (cross) tuck.
  • Roll up the cuffs on the sleeves for added flair and versatility.
  • Please note: The buttons on the cuff are intended to remain unbuttoned.

These tops are easy to wear and easy to wash! Throw them in the washing machine and the dryer! They may need a brief iron when they come out, they are men's button downs after all ;)

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